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Legacy Lab Services can schedule your nearest dot physical and medical exams in compliance with all federal regulations.

Be A Qualified Truck Driver With Our DOT Physicals & Medical Exam

What does a DOT physical consist of in VA (Virginia)? 

A DOT (Department of Transportation) physical confirms whether you are healthy enough to perform the demanding profession of a CMV (commercial motor vehicle) driver. It helps to keep the nation's roads safe and includes:

  • Medical history review: The physician will go over your previous medical history with you to see how it may affect your present health. This may happen in the exam room or you may need to fill out a form before your visit.

  • Blood pressure and pulse rate: Your Legacy Lab provider will check your blood pressure and pulse to measure your systolic and diastolic pressure levels, as well as testing for irregular heart rate.

  • Hearing: Drivers must be able to hear a 'forced whisper' at a maximum distance of 5 ft. with or without a hearing aid. The standard equates to a hearing loss of less than 40 dB in the better ear.

  • Urinalysis: A urine test screens for underlying medical conditions such as diabetes

  • Vision: Drivers must have a minimum acuity of 20/40 in each eye, with or without corrective lenses. They must also have at least 70º of peripheral vision in each eye along the horizontal meridian.​

How much is a DOT physical in Virginia?

What do the DOT physical & medical exams cover?

  • General appearance

  • Eyes

  • Ears

  • Mouth and throat

  • Heart

  • Lungs and chest

  • Extremities

  • Nervous system

  • Hernias

  • Back and spine 

The CME will issue you a medical examiner’s certificate (MEC) – also called a DOT medical card – when you meet the DOT physical requirements. Without a valid DOT medical card, you can lose your CDL.

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